Boarding & Daycare

Whether you work long hours, travel frequently or just want to give your dog a fun day out of the house, SouthPaws has got you covered. Our large, safe, and recently upgraded facility and our loving, knowledgeable staff will provide your furry family with a home away from home! 

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Whether traveling for work or pleasure, you'll feel confident that your dog is in good hands at SouthPaws. Thousands of Nashville dog parents have trusted SouthPaws, and here's why:

  • Personal relationships - Rest assured that your dog's needs and preferences are known and respected at SouthPaws.

  • Webcam access - Missing your bestie? You can check the online webcam to see how much fun your dog is having.

  • Staff consistency - Happy staff, happy pups! Our people love dogs and they love working for SouthPaws. The result? A consistently happy, safe environment for your dog.

  • Convenience - SouthPaws is centrally located, opens early on weekdays, and with our FastPass system, you can drop and run to catch that flight!

Schedule your dog's evaluation now and be prepared for your next trip. Rates are posted here.


SouthPaws is the perfect place for your dog to be a dog - run, play, chew, sleep! No landlords here!

We have supervised play groups separated by size and behavior. Our crew gives each dog the love and attention they deserve. Your pup will be kept occupied and happy until you return to pick them up in the evening.

In just a few visits or less, our staff will have a great sense of what makes your dog happy. And because our staff cares and is paying attention, rest assured that you'll always get an accurate assessment of how your dog's day went. 

Schedule your dog's evaluation now. It's time to let your dog be a dog! Rates are posted here.

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Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Our Facility


SouthPaws is a 9,000 sq. ft, climate-controlled facility and is always 70 degrees and sunny inside. The space is divided into four separate playrooms, which allows us to group dogs based on size and temperament. Soft flooring (1/2 " rubber) allows your dog to play in comfort all day. 

As part of a comprehensive upgrade to the facilities, top-of-the-line kennels now provide pups a large space to sleep at night and let doggie siblings enough space to share their accommodations. New webcams offer you a clear view of your playful pup.